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Subscribing IPO through KGI Asia is simple and easy, due to its in-depth market data analysis, clear subscription details, popular listing offers and latest IPO trends prepared by the professional team.

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KGI Asia provides a grey market online platform for pre-market trading IPO stocks. Powered with our streaming quote, you can capture potential investment opportunities.
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Please be informed that it is a regulatory requirement that investors shall not subscribe for shares under both the public subscription and placing tranches of the Initial Public Offer (IPO). Applications in the public subscription tranche from investors who had received shares in the placing tranche, and vice-versa, will be rejected.

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IPO Subscription Services
eIPO Subscription Services

Will I receive any confirmation after subscribing for an eIPO?

KGI Asia will not send any confirmation after receiving your subscription. Please check your subscription status via WebTrade or KGI Asia Power Trader.

How do I know if my eIPO subscription is successful?

You can find your allotment results by logging in your WebTrade or KGI Asia Power Trader.

How can I get refund for unsuccessful eIPO subscription?

If your subscription is wholly or partially unsuccessful, the excess fund will be credited to your Trading Account on the refund date.

Can I amend or cancel my eIPO subscription?

No, you cannot amend or cancel your subscription through any channel after submission.



Can I submit more than one subscription for the same IPO?

No, multiple subscriptions will be rejected.

RMB IPO Subscription Services

Can I subscribe for RMB IPO with margin financing?

No. KGI Asia currently does not provide margin financing for RMB IPO. You must have sufficient amount of RMB* to pay for the IPO in full.

*If you would like to request FX conversion for RMB, KGI Asia will only provide the equivalent amount of RMB for the IPO subscription.



Can I pay for RMB IPO subscription by RMB cheque?

Yes. Please present the cheque to KGI Asia’s designated banks by 15:45 (HKT) one business day before KGI Asia's deadline for subscription of RMB IPO. 

*KGI Asia will only accept RMB cheque drawn from your account with a licensed bank in Hong Kong.



When is KGI Asia's deadline for subscribing RMB IPO?

KGI Asia's deadline for subscribing RMB IPO is 12:00 (HKT) one business day before the public subscription deadline.



How much is the handling fee of RMB IPO subscription?

The handling fee of RMB IPO subscription is RMB 100.



What currency should I pay for the fees and charges associated with RMB IPO subscription?

You are required to pay for the fees and charges associated with RMB IPO subscription in RMB.

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