KGI Asia is committed to your prosperity!
We offer a full range of investment and wealth management services, including wealth management, brokerage, investment banking, fixed income, and asset management, providing unlimited opportunities.
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Our Brand Statement - Committed to Your Prosperity 

Life presents many choices, with each decision leading to a different outcome. KGI Asia is here to guide you throughout this journey. We take a holistic approach to wealth management and develop personalized solutions to lead you towards prosperity.

The key visual design of the advertisement is based on the image of a “clear sky” and “panning for gold”, emphasizing that we value the risks of your investment and moving forward steadily. We are committed to accompanying you in different stages of life and embracing your future prosperity. The ancient Chinese word “Yu” (于) is blended into our brand statement, signifying that we start with the fundamentals, and always go the extra mile towards your prosperity!