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Diversified Investment Opportunities
Investing in Stocks
Being your reliable and trustworthy investment partner, KGI Asia has been helping clients to identify opportunities in the rapidly changing stock environment. Open an account to access to massive opportunities in major stock markets around the world.
Hong Kong Stocks
Benefiting from the vigorous development of the region, the Hong Kong stock market is one of the most active stock trading markets in Asia, with tremendous stocks available for trading.
China Stocks
Being the world's second largest economy and the robust driver of the Asian economy, China's stock market is increasingly welcomed by international investors. Trade China stocks with KGI Asia's Online Trading platform and read news and analysis exclusive to our clients.
US Stocks
With the world's highest market capitalization and liquidity, the US stock market provides investors with investment options offered by a large pool of competitive and innovative businesses.
Global Stocks
KGI Asia helps clients to formulate strategies according to their investment preferences, via adding stocks from multiple markets to their portfolio that amplifies returns while minimizing risks.
Warrant & CBBCs
Track the performance of underlying assets; Leverage and buy stocks without paying principal and deposit while avoiding the risks involved in trading on margin.
Hong Kong Stocks Savings Plan
Secure a brighter future with KGI Asia's Hong Kong Stocks Savings Plan by investing on a regular basis, disregard of volatility and time restrictions.
IPO Subscription
View different market indicators of new stocks at KGI Asia’s platform before subscribing any IPO, and grasp the chance to trade on the day of listing.
Grey Market
KGI Asia provides a grey market online platform for pre-market trading IPO stocks. Powered with our streaming quote, you can capture potential investment opportunities.
Margin Financing
KGI Asia offers you tailored liquidity solutions across a range of margin products.
Futures and Options
Find the Contracts Traded at Major Exchanges.
Hong Kong Futures & Options
KGI Asia’s Hong Kong futures and options services are covering leverage, hedging, arbitrage, profit lock and stock purchase at a preset price, etc. of underlying assets including stock and index in Hong Kong Futures Exchange (HKFE).
Global Futures & Options
KGI Asia provides services covering major futures and options exchanges around the world, including the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX), Chicago Mercantile Exchange and the Chicago Board of Trade (CME Group), Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), EUREX and Hong Kong Futures Exchange (HKFE).

Hong Kong Stock Options
Stock options is a flexible leverage tool for investing and managing risks regardless of market conditions in terms of risk hedging.