Leverage with Futures and Options to trade flexibly
The simple mechanism of futures and options allows me to trade with higher flexibility and leverage rate, I am no longer restricted by fund thresholds that I can even make money with limited resources.

Jack, 36, Editor of a Financial Magazine
Why Trading Futures
Futures are a kind of derivative financial products that profits and costs can be fixed in trading. While reducing risks of price fluctuation over time, traders can enjoy the advantages of a diversified market that operates nearly 24/7.
Higher Leverage Rate
Leverage and margin rules are more liberal in futures than trading with securities, hence more sensitive to profit and loss.
Why Trading HK Stock Options
Market goes up and down, but you can always trade with the versatile nature of stock options and hedge with your stocks. Gain even under flexible market conditions.
Reduce risk by hedging when market goes up and down
Diversify your investment portfolio, or reduce or hedge existing positions based on market conditions anytime, anywhere.
Product of Futures and Options
Choose the pertinent products
HK Futures and Options
Futures and Options provides investors with a set of financial instruments to manage portfolio risk and to capture arbitrage opportunities
Global Futures and Options
Access to futures products in currencies, commodities, energies, indexes and metals
Hong Kong Stock Options
The leveraged nature in stock options cuts trade cost and hedges against volatility risks
Stock MIP
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