US fractional shares online trading now available
You can now trade US Stock with as little as US$10 on 100 US stocks shortlisted for clients’ own selection. With just a small and flexible amount of investment, you can own a small slice of a share of a global leading company. US fractional shares trading is simple and convenient, providing you with a low-cost way to diversify your investment portfolios to balance risks.
Invest with as little as US$10
Own your favorite US stocks with as little as US$10, no limitations on trading units
100 US stocks for clients’ own selection
100 US stocks are shortlisted to cater your needs and goals
Build up a diversified investment portfolio easily
Invest in a basket of US stocks to diversify your risks and balance returns

What is fractional shares?

Hong Kong stocks are generally traded in one lot while US stocks are traded in one share. As long as Hong Kong stocks are not traded in one lot and US stocks are not traded in one share, they are regarded as fractional shares trading. Some companies will provide the option of shares instead of distributing dividends, and fractional shares will be created.

Why invest in fractional shares?
Low-cost investment in US stocks
Clients can choose the number of shares to buy depending on the funds in hand, there is no need to worry about insufficient funds.
Flexible restrictions
US stock trading is not limited to trading units. You can buy a particular number of shares according to your funds at anytime, anywhere, or sell fractional shares in your hands according to market conditions.
Adjust your portfolio easily
Clients can diversify their limited funds and invest in stocks of different types, regions and industries, so as to diversify investment risks and flexibly adjust investment portfolios.

How to trade fractional shares?

Step 1

Login KGI Asia Power Trader > click “Trading” or “Trade” in menu bar
Step 2

After switching to “US Market” and input “stock code”, client is allowed to choose “Fractional Trade – Amount (FTA)” OR “Fractional Trade – Qty (FTQ)” in Type


Step 3

If “Fractional Trade – Amount (FTA)” is chosen, client just needs to input “Price” and “Amount” and system will automatically calculate the quantity of stock for reference, after that click “Buy/Sell” to confirm the order

If “Fractional Trade – Qty (FTQ)”is chosen, client just needs to input “Price” and “Qty” and system will automatically calculate the amount for reference, after that click “Buy/Sell” to confirm the order

Example of trading fractional shares
Young investor with small investment fund
Young investor with small investment fund of US$100 wants to buy US stocks with high stock prices. With fractional shares, assuming the current price of the desired stock is US$200, she can buy 0.5 shares flexibly.
Sophisticated investor wants to diversify investment portfolio
Sophisticated investor wants to create a diversified investment portfolio, which includes stocks in the technology industry, retail industry, and utilities. With the ability to trade fractional shares, even with small amount of fund, he can build up his own investment portfolio and achieve the purpose of balancing risk and return.
(1) What is Fractional Trade
KGI Asia Limited (“KGIA”) launched US fractional shares online trading. Fractional Trade enables investment in small amount even less than 1 whole share for U.S stocks. For fractional trades, you are allowed to buy OR sell a fractional share based on the amount of cash you specify. For example, if you want to spend US $100 to buy stock A, you can directly input the amount of “100” in “Amount” field in the order ticket and the system will automatically convert the quantity based on the inputted amount and stock price for your reference. You can submit the order if the auto-calculated quantity is accepted.
(2) Who is eligible to trade fractional shares?
Everyone who has agreed to the terms and conditions through KGIA’s Webtrade or KGI Asia Power Trader is eligible to trade fractional share on next business day.
(3) What products is eligible to be traded in fractions?
We provide S&P100 stocks for fractional trading.
(4) What are trading hours for fractional trades?
Order Type Action Timezone (HKT)
Pre-Market Session Regular Trading Hours Post-Market Session  
Summer Time: 18:00 - 21:30 Summer Time: 21:30 - 04:00 Summer Time: 04:00 - 06:20 Summer Time: 07:00 - 18:00
Winter Time:> 19:00 - 22:30 Winter Time: 22:30 - 05:00 Winter Time: 05:00 - 06:20 Winter Time: 08:00 - 19:00
Limit Order for Fractional Trades New

Orders received will be processed immediately.
Orders received will be processed in the next Regular Trading Hours.
Orders rejected.
(5) What is the minimum to buy/sell a fraction of stock?
KGIA offers 2 types of fractional order for client to choose including “Fractional Trade-Qty” and “Fractional Trade-Amount”.
If you place an order using “Fractional Trade-Amount”, a minimum amount of US $10 must be entered.
If you place an order using “Fractional Trade-QTY”, a minimum quantity of 0.00001 share must be entered and its order amount should be more than US $10.
(6) Can I short-sell fractional shares?
Short-selling of US fractional trades is not allowed.
(7) What order types can I choose for fractional trades?
KGIA only supports limit order for fractional shares.
(8) Can I amend my fractional order?
If you wish to amend your fractional order, please cancel and place a new fractional order.
(9) Can I place more than 1 share in fractional trades?
Yes, you can input more than 1 share for fractional trades (e.g. 1.00005 share).
Please note that standard commission rate will be applied to orders with quantity more than 1 whole share (e.g. 1.00005 shares).
(10) What are the fees associated with fractional shares?
KGIA offers different fees for fractional order with quantity less than 1 whole share and quantity more than 1 whole share (eg: 1. 00005 shares). Please refer to “Service Fee > US stock > Trade-Related Service > Commission” for more details.
(11) Will I have voting rights for fractional shares in my account?
Clients will not have voting rights in respect of any U.S. Fractional Shares held in their accounts and will not be able to make voluntary elections on any corporate actions (including, without limitation, any tender offers or rights offerings) with respect to any U.S. Fractional Shares, and KGIA cannot provide clients with any shareholder documentation for any holdings of less than one share.
(12) How is the corporate action handling for fractional shares?
Clients will receive payments of cash dividends and participate normally in any stock splits, mergers or other mandatory corporate actions.
For “Terms and Conditions of Service – U.S. Fractional Share trading and entitlements”, please visit our website at (Home > Support > Forms Download > Agreement, Terms and Condition).

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