FAQ for 2FA (Futures and Options) - Use Register Device
Apply to "eFO SP", "SO Online" and "SPTrader Pro HD"
How to register the two-factor authentication (2FA)?
You are required to register the two-factor authentication (2FA) during your first time login to “eFO SP”, “SO Online” and “SP Trader Pro HD”. Please register your login devices by applying the Authentication Code which provided by our system.
How to receive the Authentication Code?
The Authentication Code will be sent to your registered mobile number through SMS text message.
What should I do if I input Authentication Code incorrectly?
When the authentication code is input incorrectly for 5 consecutive times, the page for inputting authentication code would be closed. An error message as below would be shown: - “You have input incorrect Authentication Code more than 5 times, please login again later” .You are required to wait for 5 minutes before the next login.
How many devices can I register for the two-factor authentication (2FA)?
Maximum of 5 devices (including PCs, mobiles and tablets) can be registered to login for each account.
What should I do if I would like to change my device(s)?
You can remove a specific registered device through the Device Security Management menu on the online trading platforms and re-register 2FA using your new device(s).
What is the effective period of the registration of two-factor authentication (2FA)?
The effective period of the registration is 1 year and users need to re-register all your device(s) after 1 year.
On top of the two-factor authentication (2FA), are there any other authentication methods I can also apply to enhance the security?
You may also apply additional authentication methods to enhance two-factor authentication (2FA), for examples, Android fingerprint authentication and/ or iOS Touch ID etc.