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ET Net IQ Streaming (HK) [China Discount Program]
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- It allows user to view different combination of layout in one screen, such as maximum 4 quote screens or other features, like portfolio, warrant monitoring list or news


Chart Quote

- Provide real-time securities quote and chart analysis, including daily, weekly and monthly chart


A / H Shares Quotation

- Provide quotation of A / H Shares, %premium and 30-Days daily chart


Dual Index Futures Quotation

- Display trading information for two different Index Futures


Index Options Quotation

- Showing real time trading data of Index Options for all available months and multiple analytical data


- ET Net News is directly covered by our teams of reporters in HK and Beijing

- Providing over 400 China, Hong Kong and overseas financial news daily

- The latest trend and information of state-owned enterprise and A Share market

- Market Tips from Professionals

- HKEx News

- News Archive Search


ET Net Chart

- Offering real-time and historical charts for Indices, Futures and all securities

- Featuring multiple technical analysis tools such as Bollinger Bands and MACD

- Chart Customization


ProSticks Chart

- Displaying analytical tools and ProSticks proprietary data (Modal Point, Modal Count, Active Range) for analysis purpose


Price Alert

- Set alert for customized buying or selling price or closing number of lots for securities


Smart Alert

- Monitor bulk trade and unusual market activities


Stock Filter

- Screen and select potential stocks with regard to different multiple technical analysis indicators (e.g. SMA and STC)



- Enable to sort the top 20 securities/warrants according to particular criteria


A/H Comparison

- Providing real-time market data of A / H Shares in one single table with sorting function


Broker Search

- Monitor the bid/ask activities of selected brokers

Company Information

Corporate Information

- Providing information of listed companies including their business profiles, major business activities, profit and loss and balance sheet, etc


Profit Estimation

- To display brokers rating and estimated P/E ratio in one table


Dividend Announcement

- Allowing to check the dividend history of each stock


Initial Public Offerings (IPO)

- Providing information of new listings, such as IPO subscription price and Debut Date

Value-Adding Services

- Stock Options

- Future Price Depth

- Mega Tools

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