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Electronic trading system, provides HK Futures, Index Options & Global Futures trading service.

Online trading system, provides HK Stocks, US Stocks, Taiwan Stocks, China B-shares & Mutual Fund trading service.    Trading Demo

Mobile trading system, provides
HK Stock trading service.

Electronic trading system, provides HK Stock Option trading service.

Electronic trading system, provides HK Stock trading service and streaming quotes.

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Our Mission:
Being a trusted lifetime financial planning partner to our customers.

You may have different financial needs at different stages of your life cycle. The following financial planning pyramid represents the 3 principal objectives in the financial planning process:

Our customers’ financial goals can be achieved through the following 4 steps of the financial planning process:

Goals and Implementation Options
Insurance Protection Investment Management Retirement Planning
  • Risk transfer
  • Accident protection
  • Life and income protection
  • Cover for exorbitant medical costs
  • Wealth accumulation
  • Marriage planning
  • Children education
  • Home purchase
  • Keep up with changes in risk tolerance
  • Guarantee of living standard after retirement
  • Cope with problems arising from longevity
  • Cover for exorbitant medical costs
Implementation Options:
  • Accident insurance
  • Medical insurance
  • Term and whole life insurance (Including critical illnesses insurance)
  • Property insurance, liability insurance and others
  • Investment-linked insurance plans
Implementation Options:
  • Bonds
  • Investment funds
  • Local and foreign stocks
  • Structured investment products
  • Investment-linked insurance plans
Implementation Options:
  • Whole life insurance
  • Annuity
  • Monthly investment plan (Stocks/Investment funds)
  • Voluntary contributions (Occupational Retirement Schemes / Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes)
  • Investment-linked insurance plans

Wisdom of Investment
The "Rule of 72":
A simple formula used for estimating the expected period of time required to double an investment principal under different rate of return conditions.
Invest as early as possible:
The real "Power of Compounding" comes with time. The earlier you start saving, the more money you can gain.
The Magic of Dollar-Cost Averaging:
This technique ensures that investors buy fewer shares when prices are high and more shares when prices are low to mitigate the influence of short-term market volatility over their investment sentiment.
Diversification of risks:
Since it is very risky to invest in a single asset class, diversifying a portfolio by investing in different asset classes of low correlation can help to reduce risk exposure. One way to diversify is investing in both stocks and bonds.

To find out more about our Financial Planning Service, please visit the KGI Investments Management Centre or call our hotline at (852) 3921-7788.

The above information is for reference purpose only and shall not constitute any offer, solicitation, invitation or inducement to buy or sell any investment product or make any investment or any advice or recommendation in any way. All investments involve risks. Customers should understand the characteristics and risks of related products and seek advice from professional advisors before making any investment decision. The above information is subject to change without any notice.