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Select Underlying: Days to Expiry:
CK Hutchison Holdings Limited (00001)
Price: (HKD) 52.500 (-0.10 %)
Aug, 16, 2022 14:14
Symbol Issuer Warrant
Change Strike Type Maturity Date Days To Maturity
Volatility (%)
Delta Gearing(X) Premium (%) 5-day Avg
Vol (K)
25202 GS 0.011 0.00% 68.000 Call 01/09/22 16 73.10 % NA 475.45 +30.23 % 0
26156 UB 0.010 0.00% 68.880 Call 20/09/22 35 50.31 % NA 523.00 +31.89 % 0
25885 CS 0.000 0.00 % 68.730 Call 23/09/22 38 16.73 % NA NA +31.41 % NA
24875 BI 0.020 0.00% 66.660 Call 30/09/22 45 45.95 % NA 261.50 +27.84 % 0
25264 JP 0.015 0.00% 68.680 Call 30/09/22 45 47.24 % NA 348.67 +31.61 % 0

Implied Volatility: this is calculated from the Black-Scholes option pricing model. The lower the percentage of the implied volatility suggests the cheaper the warrant price paid. For deep-in-the-money or deep-out-of-money warrants, this figure will be meaningless.
Delta: this figure has taken into the effect of the conversion ratio as a multiplier. A value of 0.6 means that when the underlying price changes by 1, the warrant changes by about 0.6 times conversion ratio.
Gearing: a value of 10 means that, on a per-share basis, to invest in warrants will require 10 times less money than to invest in the underlying share.
Premium: 5% means that the cost of buying warrants and exercising them immediately to get the underlying stock is 5% more expensive than the cost of buying the underlying stock in the market.
Moneyness: a measurement of the degree to which a warrant is In-the-money (Moneyness = Positive), At-the-money (Moneyness = 0) or Out-of-the-money (Moneyness = Negative).
Call Warrants: Moneyness = (Spot Price - Strike Price) / Strike Price*100%
Put Warrants: Moneyness = (Strike Price - Spot Price) / Strike Price*100%