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Electronic trading system, provides HK Stock trading service and streaming quotes.

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Market News

Date : 01 Dec, 2021 09:06
Source : ETNet

{Block Trade}Pre-opening block trades at 9:05am (3)

[ET Net News Agency, 1 December 2021] 10 companies registered block trading at the pre-opening session as follows:
Litsed Company Shares Transcated Price/Share Total Consideration ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------MENGNIU DAIRY (02319) A block trade of HK$43.5 HK$36.45m 838,000 shares GREATWALL MOTOR (02333) A block trade of HK$32.6 HK$15.31m 469,500 shares ENN ENERGY (02688) A block trade of HK$146.4 HK$23.98m 163,800 shares FUYAO GLASS (03606) A block trade of HK$42.95 HK$29.09m 677,200 shares YONGDA AUTO (03669) A block trade of HK$11.84 HK$11.73m 990,500 shares MEITUAN-W (03690) A block trade of HK$238 HK$95.99m 403,300 shares PHARMARON (03759) A block trade of HK$160.974 HK$16.19m 100,600 shares CHINA AOYUAN (03883) A block trade of HK$2.18 HK$17.2m 7.89 million shares BANK OF CHINA (03988) A block trade of HK$2.71 HK$112.63m 41.56 million shares NONGFU SPRING (09633) A block trade of HK$44.7 HK$89.15m 1.99 million shares ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------(rw)
ET Net News Agency

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